Goal of the Campaign:

- To reach each and every special school and institution in Odisha.

Objectives of the Campaign:

- To emerge the inner strength to face challenges bravely.
- To inspire students for bright future.
- To bring individual talents to the limelight so that everyone is fairly recognized and appreciated.

Stakeholders of the Campaign:

- SSEPD Department, Government of Odisha.
- Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya.

Beneficiaries from the Campaign:

- All the special schools and colleges (HI, VI, MR, CP, PH) - approximately 150 Institutions.

Role of Brahma Kumaris:

- To encourage a change of awareness, attitude, vision and behaviour within the person.
- Enable persons to draw profound inner strength from a relationship.
- To help individuals rediscover their latent personal relationship with the source of all goodness. 
- Spread the feeling of brotherhood amongst us.
- To support improvement of human beings.
- To establish a relationship between human beings and the environment based on the principle of non-violence.