Vatsal was a very clever and ambitious boy. He wanted to become an engineer. He was also a national champion in skating. However, tragedy struck him at a very young age and he lost his eyesight. He also remained paralytic for a few years. He got angry with God and very often would cry as to why such a thing happened to him only. However, what may come, he did not lose hopes. With the help and support of his parents, he completed his graduation with very good grades – by listening to audio classes which his mother would record for him. He went on to do MBA and joined his family business, who are renowned manufacturer of pickles. He learned Braille, took courses in computers and mobiles in Ahmedabad Blind School. He applies his knowledge in running the factory and handling business. But, his negativity and anger that why did such a thing happened with him remained all these years with him. He would still abuse God of his disabilities. Vatsal says that recently after he joined Brahma Kumaris, this negativity started fading away and he started accepting life the way it is. Earlier, he would shout in sleep, which is now slowly turning into a peaceful sleep. He mentions that the effect of the past karmas has to be endured by everyone. He has started becoming positive now. He feels at peace when he visits the Brahma Kumaris center and receives positive vibrations there. He says that – “The sisters and brothers at the center help me a lot and I gain a lot of positive feeling. My face have lightened up now and my soul is charged up”. Vatsal aspires to keep following the lifestyle at Brahma Kumaris regularly and upgrade himself to a better self. He has already become calmer and composed. He has started smiling and enjoys every moment of his life now.