He was a diamond merchant until he lost his eyesight at the age of 23 years. After this incident, he was depressed and tensed for 2-3 years. And then, he says – “I got a new life – I got knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris. And this treasure of God cannot be found anywhere else in the world”. Life has been filled with fun since then. He is satisfied of not having any eyesight as he already got a third eye of knowledge – a Divine Insight. The divine eye is more than anything anyone can wish for. He stays alone and performs all the regular chores of the house in a state of bliss. He attends spiritual versions daily at the Brahma Kumaris center. He believes that the versions have magic in them and contain answers to all your questions and problems. His will power has increased drastically and nothing can discourage him ever. He says – “Divine eye has such light in it – people in the world are all misguided by the light of eyes and I have got real treasures with me. God guarantees that he will never make anyone sad. He is the ocean of kindness, love, happiness”. At the time of sharing these experiences, he has reached 62 years of life already.