She lost eyesight after 3 days of birth and is associated with Brahma Kumaris for 38 years now. With a strong sixth sense and a clean third eye, she is a wonderful person – no less than anyone who can has got eyesight. Her sisters describe her as someone who is disciplined, enthusiastic and a lively person – she can precisely identify which vegetables are good or bad, she can accurately recognize persons even after 10 years, she can perfectly identify notes and coins. She keeps her room and wardrobe very neat – thoroughly spic and span. She went ahead and learned how to read and write at the age of 60 as she wanted to do so since childhood and has a keen interest in reading books from library. She nursed her ailing mother during her last days – serving her with juices and medicines at proper times. She composes songs and plays them on her harmonium. She says that “I always remain happy in companion of God, as if He takes care to fulfill every desire I have”.