He lost his eyesight when he was 24 years of age. He was a devotee of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama (as per Hindu mythology) and studied scriptures. Although he was an honest devotee, he never felt peace within him and had a lot of anger inside him. Once he acquired knowledge of the God in Brahma Kumaris, he started feeling that there was one God and all relations are with Him. Anger and fear were replaced by peace and lightness. He is now courageous enough to go anywhere even at midnight. Whenever he remembers God – the point of light – he is totally mesmerized. Sometimes he feels that he is no longer blind and that God helps him to read the spiritual versions and teachings. He feels viceless totally and expresses his gratitude to the One God and then the Brahma Kumaris institution which spreads His messages. He says – “ I have surrendered to God and hence there is no tension. I am the master of my body and nature and myself. My life has become heaven.My life has changed from stone to flower.”