Blind by birth, he is presently 40 years old and is a teacher in a government school in the capital of India – Delhi. Apart from problems faced due to blindness, he also led a stressful life. He was an easy prey to anger and was addicted to alcohol, gutka etc. During such times, one of his friend gifted a CD containing spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris to him. After listening to the CD, he did a detailed course of this knowledge at one of the local centers and started following it. He says – “Changes which I had considered impossible started happening”. He became de-addicted and felt blissful. He started observing behavioral changes and left anger. Problems started to disappear because it became easy to deal with them. He started seeing a Supreme Divine light and started meditating daily. He says that – “Living with the society took a positive perspective”. Relationships became loveful and people who opposed him earlier now became co-operative. Being a teacher, he used to face difficulties in dealing with mass students in a class. And now, it became easy to handle everything. His experience says – “ This knowledge is capable of changing a person completely and makes us healthy too”. He feels that everyone should get acquainted with the knowledge to make their lives happy.