Society still thinks that if a person cannot see he is not fit for work” – says Baba Gowda Patil who disapproves of this statement and as an engineer has already proven that everyone is capable of working well. He, in fact, fought for his right to work – a story untold otherwise – here it goes. Baba Gowda Patil belongs to Miraj in Sangli District of Maharashtra. He was a sub engineer electrical. All was well until he lost his eyesight in June 2002 due to repeated surgery – 5 times – for retinal detachment. He suddenly felt darkness in his entire world – physically not being able to see and mentally he was tensed because he was the only working member of the family and had to sustain his wife along with 2 young children who were in their 1st year of engineering college. So, trying to totally adjust to his new way of life and deeply worried about his situation, after almost an year or so, he decided to go to the Brahmakumaris Center, where he learned about spirituality, oneself and God. He learned that karmas are the reason of all that happen in one’s life. With a new enthusiasm that God was his companion, he wanted to get back to work. However, his workplace was not so keen of keeping him anymore because of his newly developed disability. They decided of firing him. Two forces were equally playing their part – one side was uplifting himself and the other was a test of this upliftment. But Baba Gowda had 200 percent faith in God – he felt that no one could do anything to his job and he would emerge victorious. Mr. Patil had to resort to the path of litigation to save his job with the help of “Welfare Division for the Disabled Persons”. He fought his own case himself – presenting accurate reasoning and evidence as per the rules and regulations of the court. The judge took the decision in his favor and asked the organisation to employ Mr. Patil and assign him work within his capabilities till his superannuation. Baba Gowda Patil’s faith showed up. He has been firmly following the principles and lifestyle of Brahmakumaris since 14-15 years now and lives happily. He was also promoted twice in his job. As he looks back to his ‘before’ and ‘after’ life with us, he simply thanks God again and again.