It was very enjoying to hear him say – “World gives a lot of names to us like drishti-badhak (blind in hindi) and what not but here at Brahmakumaris, God has given us a very lovely name – Trinetri (meaning someone with a divine insight)” and then very beautifully he starts describing about his loving communion with God. One can sense the high level of satisfaction, which he already enjoys in his life. He is Dr. Chaturbhuj from Himachal Pradesh, a Ph.D holder in Hindi, he started his service as a college professor in 1999 and it was at that same time that he got associated with Brahma Kumaris institution as well. With a background in Hindi literature, he explains the real and true meaning of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita with practical applications to his own life. He, then, reveals that he is blind from birth and says – “People never think what we can do”. Although his family was not very well-off, he managed his studies from the government grants they received. He learned Braille, studied pre-university course in Hindi, earned a B-Ed degree and then went on to do Ph.D. He feels he already has whatever is required to live a good life. You are bound to be impressed when he confidently announces that – “Drishtihinta badhak nahi saadhak siddh hui. Ishwar apne saath hai to darne ki kya baat hai.” (meaning Blindness is not a hindrance, rather it is a performer or an instrument for your performance. With God, you have nothing to fear).